Hi! Thank you for the note—I'm happy that you and your mom enjoyed the article! While I’m not fully able to understand what it’s like to grow up as a racial minority in a white majority society, I do know what it feels like to reclaim and study a part of yourself that society shames you for having, so I’m touched that you felt positively impacted by my article.

As for learning Cantonese, I’ve not yet tried. But you’re definitely right about Cantonese’s classification—maybe it would have been better for me to have said “Chinese language family” instead of “different dialects of Chinese.” Also, I didn’t know that Cantonese used separate characters for equivalent expressions in Mandarin, so thank you for sharing. That seems similar to how Japanese uses different Chinese characters for equivalent words or expressions (even though the spoken languages are like night and day), so perhaps that’s a similar situation with Cantonese and Mandarin.

Also, I’m very interested in your articles on Medium! Just read "What It Means to Be ‘Writing a Book’" and I definitely relate to your experiences. Really great advice!

San Diego-based writer. Interested in urban planning, languages, cultures, travel, history, and fiction.

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